Our lab has been out and about in this late spring 2022. Here some updates:

SPONT conference (June 6-8 2022, Alicante, Spain) for Patricia, with a poster presentation

HeaR: from mechanisms to restoration technologies course (June 7-23 2022, Paris, France) for James

BrainLOOPS conference (June 8-10 2022, Berlin, Germany) for Tania, with a talk

Swiss Society for Neuroscience meeting (June 11 2022, Fribourg, Switzerland) for Suyash and Tania, with a poster presentation by Suyash

Neural Circuit Dynamics course   (June 18-25 2022, Venice, Italy) for Maria

ISH conference (June 19-24 2022, Lyon, France) for Suyash, with a poster presentation

Giessbach conference (August 26-28, Giessbach, Switzerland) for Suyash and Tania, with a talk by Suyash

Ascona Circuits Meeting (September 25-30, Ascona, Swtizerland) for Sebastian, with a poster presentation


I guess we enjoy that in-person meetings are possible again… so nice to be able to share results, brainstorm, and learn from others!